Sunday, September 30, 2012

Use Online Event Management Solutions to Enhance Attendee Engagement

Keeping attendees engrossed in an event and making them take real interest in each and every activity throughout the duration of the program through proper interactions is very essential to make an event truly successful. Unless and until an organizer ensures real-time attendee engagement, the event does not pick up its actual momentum and falls flat at the end of the day. By using the cutting-edge online event management solution, an organizer can keep its attendees actively engaged and make the event a gala success.

Introduction of the Cloud-based SaaS solutions have revolutionized the way an event was managed up until a few years ago. Today it is way faster and easier to plan, promote, track, and analyze events within an integrated platform. One can avail of all the facilities that are needed to manage an event on a magnanimous scale in a true collaborative environment. As a result, every individual associated with their respective tasks, right from planners, exhibitors, attendees, business sponsors to C-level executives, can reap the benefits utilizing the best of technologies and automated tools integrated in these software solutions. The prospects of realizing true business value have improved at every level to a great extent.

Nevertheless, there are still certain areas left that need to be worked upon further to guarantee an all-round success of the event. One such area is attendee engagement. With the constant year-round bombardment of events related information and notifications via emails, mobile device texting, and social media updates; it has now become all the more relevant to ensure real-time attendee participation than just formally meeting prospective customers and key business professionals through the event platform. It brings in more competitive value by enabling the organizer to derive an insightful inference about the event's performance, and not just numbers and statistics. This further helps to generate potential business leads that focus on quality.

How to ensure maximum attendee engagement?

To rise above the noise is the ultimate tactic that most organizers have learnt to adopt these days; and to do that, they have resorted to the latest mobile apps and social media offerings. These are by far the best ways to keep attendees completely engaged throughout the event and even post the completion of the same. Following are the ways how an online event management solution can be used to keep participants attentive and connected throughout an event:

· Innovative mobile apps can keep an event right on the palm top of an attendee. Online event management software can be used to create participant polls, interesting questions about the ongoing program, session ratings, and mobile quizzes with the selection of giving out token rewards at the end of the event. This will help organizers to derive on-the-spot analysis of the event's performance.

· If there is a sudden no-show-up by a paid registrant, and the organizer is requested to give real-time updates of a certain event, online event management software can be used to provide the facility of remote participation. This way the life of an event gets extended and an existing customer relationship strengthened, which acts as a great value-addition in the long run.

· Attendees can be kept engaged on a year-round basis with other comprehensive communication facilities that come along with the event management solutions. Such facilities include the bulk email messaging tool, social media connectors, private community network, and so on.

Jonathan is a professional event planner. Event professionals worldwide are increasingly relying on automated software to streamline the online event registration, payment management, and attendee relationship management. Acteva is the market leader in providing event registration solutions at competitive price.

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